About Us

About Us

Foodwit was born from first-hand observation that food safety and regulatory consulting needed a modern refresh. So, we gathered a group of like-minded food scientists, regulatory experts, and more from across the food and beverage industries to create a catapult for change makers, and here we are. Meet Foodwit.

Who We Are

Our people are the special sauce that make Foodwit a truly unique partner. We came up in the food and beverage industries, earning our commercial acumen through new ventures and big businesses alike. And while we take our work very seriously, we know how to laugh - especially at ourselves.

Meet The Foodwits

What We Value

We believe that knowledge makes us all better. We are curious, continuous learners who revel in today’s best practices and tomorrow’s big ideas. We believe in transparency and collaboration so we can all learn and progress ourselves and our businesses, together. What we deliver is what will help your brand accelerate, and how we deliver is what makes us uniquely Foodwit.

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Where We Work

Our team is based all over the world, and so are our clients. Get in touch to learn more about working together.

How We Help

In a recent survey, real Foodwit clients said we excel at all except one. Which one is it? 

A.    Delivering actionable insights

B.    Understanding client needs and goals

C.     Being flexible and agile

D.    Acting as an extension of internal teams

E.    Negulating

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Featured Case Studies

Featured Case Studies

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