Go to market confidently with regulatory product compliance

Foodwit is your one-stop-shop for product compliance. Whether you’re looking for ingredient permissibility and labeling, or advertising and marketing support, our team is here to help you launch your next great idea in the U.S. or around the globe. 

Ingredient Permissibility

With fast-changing innovation and moving regulatory targets, ingredient compliance can be volatile. If you’re introducing a novel ingredient to the food space, bringing an international product to a new market, or briefing a retail partner on product composition, we can help you navigate the quickly evolving landscape.

Product Classification

The regulatory classification of your product informs what regulatory framework applies, what ingredients can be used, what claims can be made, and more. It’s the foundation of regulatory compliance and a critical step towards commercialization.

Label Compliance

We’ve launched thousands of products and know how to help you meet every labeling requirement so you can bring your brand to life.  From evaluating your design templates and Statement of Identity to creating your Nutrition Facts Panel, leave the details to us. 

Nutrition Analysis

We have the depth and breadth of experience to deliver comprehensive and accurate nutrition analysis every time. We customize our approach for each unique product, reviewing the impacts of processing and regional ingredient sourcing to deliver thorough and science-backed calculations.

Claims Substantiation

As consumers become more conscious of wellness and sustainability, including a claim on your label can have a powerful impact. We help navigate the process of developing and supporting claims from start to finish, ensuring your company can communicate with confidence.

Advertising & Marketing Compliance

Websites, digital advertising, and social media are all extensions of your product – and they need to be just as compliant as your package label. Our backgrounds in regulatory and communications enable us to help clients evaluate messaging across platforms to ensure claims are compliant.

Additional Regulatory Services

  • International compliance
  • New market readiness
  • Competitive regulatory market analysis
  • Regulatory and food safety operations management
  • Public policy horizon scanning 
  • Regulatory due diligence

What Our Clients Say

“The Foodwit team provided ongoing, prompt, and thorough regulatory guidance, which informed critical decisions tied to packaging, quality and food safety programming.”

        - VP Product, CPG Challenger Brand