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Food & Beverage CPG

Regulations are notoriously complex and ever-evolving

For modern CPG brands, the regulations governing food marketing, formulation, manufacture, and distribution are outdated and ambiguous - leaving companies to proactively develop custom compliance programs without clear guidance.  Investors, retailers, customers, and regulators increasingly expect rigorous systems for ensuring safety and compliance and demand high levels of transparency.  

Even for the most seasoned food operators, managing the day-to-day requirements of CPG compliance can be an overwhelming burden, especially when a complex supply chain of multiple vendors, co-manufacturers, and other partners is involved.  And without dedicated regulatory or food safety teams managing compliance, brands are often blindsided by unchecked risks.  

Go to market confidently knowing you have a food safety and regulatory team

A category-leading CPG brand is your platform to shape the food system and bring quality experiences to your customers.  But the potential for outsize rewards often comes with hidden risks.  Foodwit takes on the work of expertly uncovering and reducing risk, clearing the path towards launch and growth.  We ensure our clients have a tailored and manageable approach to compliance, and when the unexpected occurs, we know how to get things back on track. 

Foodwit clears the runway so brands can launch and grow

Compliance is the bedrock of a resilient CPG brand.  Foodwit delivers the regulatory and food safety solutions that CPG brands need to get to market, innovate, and grow with confidence. 

With a practical mindset cultivated over collective decades of industry experience, we’re laser-focused on helping mitigate potential risks before they compromise safety or undermine the goodwill your brand has worked hard to build.

How We Help

Spend your time growing your brand instead of in the weeds of regulations and dealing with food safety matters.  

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“The team at Foodwit is excellent to work with! Experts who are quick and easy to engage and that deliver trusted results every time!”

         - VP of Operations, CPG Snack Brand

We’re biased, but think we’re pretty awesome at what we do.   

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