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Foodwit’s software platform is the world-class compliance solution the food and beverage industry has been waiting for.

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Holistic food compliance and document management software


Say goodbye to spreadsheet and document storage mayhem. Formulate and scale product recipes with fewer clicks, and see real-time formula impacts to nutrient, ingredient and allergen profiles. Manage specifications and certifications with ease.


Feel confident in the accuracy of your product labels with built-in compliance analyses for food regulations. Spend less time evalauting the same regulatory criteria day in and day out.


Elevate your time with easy reporting and downloadable print production assets. Enable internal and external customer engagement by drafting and publishing data to specific audiences.

Predictive compliance tools to safeguard your brand from blind spots

Rest easy with modernized workflows

Engineered by food and supplement industry veterans, Compliance Workbench features integrated compliance checks and workflows to validate compliance, formulation, claim and labeling data.

Compliance software that finally creates less work, not more.

Spend time on the topics that matter most

Go-to-market more quickly with built-in compliance analyses, document management, reporting and downloadable production-ready label assets. Gone are the days of unresponsive legacy software, workarounds and manual assessments.

Trusted by leading brands

The Foodwit Label Workbench Platform is a breakthrough for compliance software in the food and beverage industry, offering unmatched compliance and efficiency. The platform is not just a tool; it’s a revolution in managing compliance, offering real-time nutrient evaluation and allergen compliance with the peace of mind that regulatory experts have validated its methods. Enhance label compliance, save on labor costs, and reduce compliance risks. The platform is designed to adapt to evolving industry standards, ensuring you’re always ahead in the compliance game.

What Our Clients Are Saying
"This software is going to save me so much time. I cannot believe how much this will improve my day to day ability to focus on higher priority issues."
Head of Quality and Food Safety
DTC Brand
"Wow! The real-time nutrient analysis is so powerful. It will really be able to help me see how to best adjust the formula to meet targets."
Head of Innovation
Plant-based B2B Brand
"This tool is going to make my life so much better. I can't beleive I've spent all these years banging my head against the wall."
Senior Scientific & Regulatory Affairs
CPG Consultant

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