Quick Service Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants

Navigating gray space for quick service and fast casual restaurant brands 

Staying relevant in the heavily saturated quick service and fast casual restaurant environment is a persistent challenge for both up-and-coming and established brands.  Layer on a global pandemic, and the industry we knew pre-2020 continues to evolve faster than ever.  Whether  pivoting to online ordering and delivery, moving into new channels like consumer packaged goods, expanding your current reach, or responding to customer demands for more healthful and sustainable offerings, staying up-to-date with emerging changes in restaurant regulations and the externalities affecting the industry is critical to protecting your brand and corporate reputation.  

Find peace of mind with Foodwit

Securing a partner like Foodwit means having regulatory and food safety leadership and expertise on call.  It means having not only a thought partner to advance corporate reputation and compliance initiatives, but a partner willing to roll up their sleeves when a high-priority customer inquiry comes in on a Friday afternoon before a three-day holiday.  

Foodwit is executive presence + operator know-how 

Drawing from our collective firsthand experience building corporate compliance, food safety, and reputation-building programs for major QSR and food-service brands, we understand what how to implement and modernize regulatory compliance and food safety initiatives. We’ve also grown up in the restaurant and hospitality industries - we’ve worked lines, spun shakes, cleaned tables, trained staff, and more!  We understand what it means to create right-sized and practical programs to help retail operators and staff successfully implement corporate programs.  Armed with this frontline experience, we're experts in creating programs that stick, from C-suite to operator. 

How We Help

Whether you need out-of-the box menu labeling compliance or custom-built corporate reputation strategies, health department inspection readiness or food safety and sanitation training - we’re ready to clear a path for your brand to succeed. 

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"The team went above and beyond to understand the internal and external pressures a quick restaurant service company faces."

       - Head of Innovation, Global QSR Brand

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