Developed international playbook for global food policy and brand permissibility

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Developed international playbook for global food policy and brand permissibility

Client: Global Quick Service Restaurant Brand


A global QSR was seeking to establish more permissible food through the lens of health, wellness, and public policy considerations. The goal was to provide a proactive approach to shifting consumer interests and regulatory landscape, while preserving the brands freedom to operate in varied global markets.


By engaging with external and internal stakeholders to understand what pressures the brand was experiencing, specific pillars of the business were identified for continued growth and improvement. Pillars included nutrient and ingredient guardrails, operating criteria for specific consumer groups (e.g., youth), portion balance, and new menu opportunities (e.g., plant-based). Engagement with brand experts across the globe allowed for the development of modular objectives that would be achievable dependent on market readiness, maturity, and external pressures.    


  • Developed a modular global brand roadmap to expand food and brand permissibility through the lens of food policy, regulation,  and science. 
  • Customized global scorecard to measure brand progress year over year.
  • Engagement with brand Executive Leadership Team  to incorporate brand strategy into annual operating plan and create content to introduce brand strategy at global innovation kick off  meeting.
“Partnering with Foodwit was key in the development of our brand nutrition strategy. The team went above and beyond to understand the internal and external pressures a quick restaurant service company faces, such as: health & science data for ingredients and our products, our customers preferences, current media narrative, global and local regulations, international trade policies, and internal stakeholder dialogue.”

- Head of Food Innovation & Technology, Global QSR


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Matias Cortes (Partner / Head of International Regulatory)

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