Food Safety

Food Safety

Food safety and quality leadership for every stage of the product life cycle

Food brands can breathe easier with Foodwit as their food safety and quality team.  We provide tailored solutions for mitigating risk, navigate critical food safety events, and help free up resources for innovation and growth.  

Product safety is an expectation at every level of the food and supplement supply chain. From research and development to the consumer's table, navigating the complex processes behind ensuring product safety is our specialty. We help your brand avoid risk, manage change, and fuel growth. For starters, we recommend the following services: 

  • Risk assessment - We help surface likely risks of your materials, processes, and product and identify the right controls to manage them. For example, we coordinate with qualified labs to conduct microbiological challenge studies to inform testing and manufacturing programs.
  • Food Safety Plan development - A Food Safety Plan (FSP) is the heart of your safety and quality system. We evaluate current programs and develop new ones to comply with regulatory expectations and best-in-class industry standards.
  • Allergen management - We assess allergen control protocols and design manufacturing and labeling programs to promote consumer safety.

Protecting your brand starts with consistent and reliable product experiences. To ensure your customers are experiencing product quality in line with the reputation your brand deserves, we offer services including:  

  • Quality control - We implement quality monitoring to increase operational efficiency and minimize quality deviations.
  • Shelf life - We design efficient shelf life studies to help track and predict product quality over time.

Whether your company is just getting started or is established globally, suppliers, contract manufacturers, and other partners are an extension of your brand.  We help ensure best-in-class food safety and quality standards are met at every level of the supply chain in the following ways: 

  • Supply-chain compliance - A comprehensive supplier verification program is both a FSMA requirement and a critical element of bringing top-quality products to market.  Foodwit develops and implements supply-chain compliance programs that check all the boxes. 
  • Partner management and monitoring - We develop streamlined programs to ensure continuous improvement, optimize manufacturing efficiency, and keep product safety a top priority.

We help brands implement a robust food safety and quality management system that fits with their unique products, processes, and business models.  With the right programs in place, brands proactively mitigate risk and are prepared for the unexpected.  Ways we help include: 

  • Food safety & quality manual and standards - A clear policy outlining the brand’s expectations and objectives for food safety and quality is the foundation of managing risk across the supply chain.
  • Gap assessment - We dive into each company’s operations and business model to identify gaps, categorize them by risk level, and provide practical solutions for addressing each area.
  • CX program development - The customer's voice is often the most important. An effective complaint-management system is a critical part of monitoring and addressing safety and quality concerns. Foodwit develops and helps implement user-friendly, risk-based CX programs to track customer feedback and promptly address concerns.

Whether you need cool, calm, and collected or boots on the ground, Foodwit is here to help.  We help manage critical food safety events to keep your customers safe and to get you back on the path of productivity. Here are some ways you can leverage Foodwit expertise: 

  • Investigations, root cause analysis, corrective action - we perform root cause analyses and provide guidance to correct and prevent future disruptions in quality and food safety.
  • Recall readiness - armed with a proactive, systematic recall strategy, a food brand is prepared to evaluate and address potential risks, take the right market actions, and protect their consumers and brand. 

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) affects most of the U.S. food supply chain, but navigating its requirements can be complicated. Foodwit helps companies understand their compliance obligations, develop the right preventive controls, and implement programs across their brand, partners, and supply chain.  We help deliver comprehensive plans to comply with the FSMA rules regarding: 

  • Preventive controls
  • Produce safety
  • Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)
  • Accredited third-party certification
  • Sanitary transportation
  • Intentional adulteration
  • Training & compliance  

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What our clients say

“Foodwit has helped our company through some urgent sticky situations. Whenever we have a FSQA question, Foodwit is always there to help.”

         - Head of FSQA, CPG Snack Brand