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ESG investments and the role of food and agriculture

With the recent publication of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, policy makers and investors alike are turning to food and agriculture industries to solve big problems.  But how much of food hype is real, and how special is the underlying innovation?  

With increasing adoption of new technology in food-related areas such as agriculture, biotech, robotics, and alternative proteins, investors are seeking to understand how to qualify investment risk when no clear regulatory framework exists to support an emerging innovation. 


Durable investments require foundational systems for regulatory & food safety compliance

Go-to-market compliance timelines and regulatory approval processes shouldn’t be underestimated.  In high-growth operating environments, under-resourced compliance and food safety programs aren't uncommon.  And while these critical programs may often be viewed as cost centers, the absence of these programs is often the leading cause of significant profit-impairing events like pre-market authorization delays, health hazards, recalls, unsubstantiated claims, and delays in IPO-readiness.

Why Foodwit should be your transaction diligence partner

With our collective experience building right-sized food compliance and corporate programs from the ground up, we provide unique and risk-stratified assessments of investment durability and risk through the lens of technical viability, enforcement probability, operational complexity, and corporate reputation management.  From there, we provide the investor and/or target Company with practical recommendations for the immediate, short, and long term, ranging from CAPEX and OPEX priority areas all the way down to specific program  prioritization and implementation timing.

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“Completing the regulatory due diligence process leading up to the IPO was an incredibly daunting task for our in-house Legal team.  Foodwit’s partnership was critical.”

       - Legal Counsel, DTC Meal Kit Brand

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