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Compliance leadership to drive food innovation

Every day, new technologies are reshaping the way we formulate, produce, distribute, and deliver food.  But the quick pace of technological advancement often means a severe absence of regulatory guidance and industry best practices - leaving innovative food brands to tread these murky waters on their own.  

Whether you are developing fermentation-enabled alternative proteins, growing produce in vertical farms, or adopting robotics to enhance manufacturing efficiency, we deliver the guidance your team needs to continue building the future of food.  

We draw on years of experience leading food companies through complex and often uncharted areas, creating practical compliance strategies that reflect the spirit of existing regulations while supporting commercial objectives.

How We Help

Foodwit helps brands comply, evolve, and mitigate commercial barriers.

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"There were many points in the development process where we said, 'Let's talk to Foodwit', and soon thereafter, we would have our answer - and peace of mind!"

      - VP Product, CPG Brand

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