Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

As brands evolve, they rely on Foodwit for executive-level compliance strategy and policy leadership. Whether preparing for fundraising, exploring new markets, finding a competitive edge, or rolling out global programs, we empower our clients with the tools they need to lead the way.

Tailored support for each stage of growth

Regulatory & food safety managed services

for Operators

No regulatory or food safety department?  No problem. We understand how to build right-sized compliance programs because we’ve been in your shoes.   Consider Foodwit as the extension of your team that oversees total regulatory and food safety programming, implementation, and change management.  Whether building a roadmap to compliance, creating standard operating procedures, implementing training, managing issue-escalation procedures, drafting responses to CX inquiries, or being a sounding board for new innovation concepts, we help build the plane as you fly it. 

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Competitive regulatory market analyses

for Marketers & Category Executives

How many times have you felt inspired to innovate with category insights, but then found yourself stranded because claims and ingredients get blocked by your legal or regulatory colleagues?  Foodwit triple-distills category or brand specific ingredient trends, claims, and product benefits through a regulatory lens of what’s possible.  The result?  Actionable competitive insights for flavor and ingredient innovation, product positioning, portfolio mix, and more.  Work with us, and leave those feelings of dreams being crushed with your old regulatory team. 

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Regulatory & food safety diligence

for Investors

How durable is the underlying innovation, regulatory, and food safety framework of your investment? 

High-growth brands are often challenged to balance hyper-speed brand growth with underdeveloped compliance programs.  To make this challenge even more acute, both investors and portfolio companies are too often given compliance recommendations lacking commercial and operational know-how. So our investors turn to Foodwit for diligence support, looking to make sense of the overwhelming, fear-driven, and out-of-proportion  recommendations they typically receive.  

Here's what sets Foodwit apart: we understand the commercial and competitive landscape and translate our experience into practical, tiered strata of risk and competitive durability.  

Investors can expect us to deliver a technical assessment of the underlying technology and formulation as well as the competitive landscape, combined with immediate-, short-, and medium-term regulatory and food safety program development actions.  

Whether you need rapid pre-transaction diligence, IPO-readiness evaluations, risk assessment of existing programming, or post-transaction integration programs, Foodwit helps decrease the risk of profit-impairing events and reputational damage while moving to a proactive and offensive position. 

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Horizon & policy scanning

for Regulatory & Corporate Affairs teams

Regulations are perpetually trying to keep up with the pace of innovation, but often fail to take into consideration new technological advancements and the hybrid nature of emerging business models and product categories unique to the accelerating food landscape.  For established and emerging brands alike, a favorable regulatory operating environment is important for commercial viability but can also change at a moment’s notice and without warning. Staying abreast of regulatory and public policy stakeholder motivations and activity provides a roadmap to proactive innovation and informs both direct and indirect engagement strategies to elevate your brand.  

Foodwit supports a variety of clients with: 

  • horizon scanning initiatives
  • policy monitoring
  • corporate self-regulation program development 
  • stakeholder engagement strategies
  • corporate reputation initiatives

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New market entry readiness

for Innovators & Challenger Brands

Innovation clients and challenger brands seek Foodwit support because regulations are confusing, riddled with too many options, and unclear about if Agency engagement is needed.  Foodwit is on the forefront of supporting new innovation by navigating a clear path to market. Our global capabilities enables brands to understand what regulatory frameworks exist, which agencies are likely to have oversight of their products and systems, how to classify their products, and what step-by-step actions and resources are needed to clear a pathway to growth.  Examples of how we’ve helped include: 

  • Custom regulatory program for hybrid restaurant + CPG DTC brand
  • Dietary supplement vs. conventional food classification
  • Restaurant vs. vending machine compliance for robotics restaurant concept
  • Global market entry requirements and pre-market authorization for US domiciled company in 12 key international markets
  • Movement of goods from UK to Canada to US 

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Crisis management and risk communication

for Food Safety & Legal Executives

When a crisis lands on Friday afternoon before a three-day weekend, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves.  Foodwit is the cool to your exploding cucumber jars, the milk to your ghost pepper sauce.  Most importantly, Foodwit is the leadership you need when you find yourself in the hot seat.  We exude calm because we’ve successfully navigated some pretty bleak circumstances for our clients.  We don’t shy away from crises because we understand the gravity and importance of consumer safety, commercial risk, litigation, and brand reputation management.  

Foodwit combines deep in-house and regulatory agency experience to lead brands through both short-term issues like recall management to deeper reputational crisis issues related to ingredient permissibility, portfolio optimization, product non-compliance, activist engagement, technical litigation, and marketing initiatives.  If your brand is in a pickle, we’re up for the challenge. 

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Additional Growth Management Services

  • Regulatory & food safety managed services
  • Pre-market authorization
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Corporate policy development
  • Self-regulation
  • External stakeholder engagement
  • Conventional food vs. dietary supplement classification
  • Crisis management
  • Risk communication

What our clients say

“They've been instrumental in advancing so many facets of our business, advising on everything from quick regulatory guidance to creating customized quality processes. We feel at ease knowing we have their expertise in our back pocket.”

       - Product Operations Manager, CPG Snack Brand

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