Our Values

Our Values

Empowering Change in Food 

Foodwit exists to empower change in the food industry

We are the leaders behind the leaders who are expanding and advancing markets and industries. We encourage and embrace big dreams and bold ideas. We promote success and positive change by pushing past barriers and preparing our clients with understandable technical knowledge and practical solutions. We show the way as we lead the way. 

This is how we W.O.R.K.


At Foodwit, we think quickly and act thoughtfully. We are curious, continuous learners who love making the complex clear and the lofty approachable.  We bring positive energy, experience, and lightness to those we serve. We take our work - but not ourselves - seriously.


We believe anything well-intentioned should be possible. We are factual, practical, as well as confident about successful outcomes in every situation. We’re supportive partners who always try to look for ways to move ideas forward, not shut them down.


We don’t retreat from challenges or surrender to obstacles - we get smarter. We look for new solutions and find new answers.  We identify creative and innovative ways to get the most difficult and unimagined things done. We clear the path for our clients to blaze new trails. 


Our collective and complementary leadership experience is our foundational asset.  We’ve built regulatory and food safety programs and teams from scratch at multinational conglomerates and high-growth startups alike.  We use our know-how to create right-sized compliance programs that meet our clients where they are, and we openly democratize our knowledge as we go along. 

We believe that knowledge makes us all better. We are curious, continuous learners who revel in today’s best practices and tomorrow’s big ideas. We believe in transparency and collaboration so we can all advance ourselves and our businesses, together.

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