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Direct To Consumer

Unmatched expertise to fuel innovation in food delivery 

More than ever, consumers depend on delivery services for their food-shopping needs, from everyday groceries to singular culinary experiences.

Innovative DTC delivery is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the food industry.  Whether providing online grocery services, ready-to-eat meals, home-cooking kits, or rapid delivery from local grocers and restaurants, DTC food businesses put their customers first - including by implementing the right standards for food safety, quality, and product marketing.  

However, the regulatory environment in this space has proven especially vague and complex.  As the DTC sector continues to evolve, agency guidance and regulations have not kept pace, leaving the industry without adequate benchmarks for food safety and compliance.

That’s why forward-thinking DTC brands rely on Foodwit to navigate this uncertain terrain.  Our team has years of firsthand experience helping category-leading DTC companies implement appropriate compliance programs, manage regulatory inspections and recalls, and complete regulatory due diligence to enable successful transactions.  With our deep roots in DTC, we’re proud to power the brands that increasingly feed the world each day.

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Foodwit offers customized regulatory and food safety support for every stage of your DTC business. From innovation to IPO, Foodwit is the partner you’ve been missing.    

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What our clients say

“We have received fantastic service and clarifying information. Foodwit is a great and competent team.”

        - Regulatory Operations, DTC Meal Kit Brand


  1. Conference for Food Protection Guidance: Direct-to-Consumer and Third-Party Delivery Service Food Delivery
    Outlines best practices for promoting safety in food delivery, prepared by leading food safety advisory organization (mail-order subcommittee chaired by Foodwit Principal Val Madamba
  2. FDA Voices article: FDA Works to Strengthen Food Safety Protections as Consumers Increasingly Order Foods Online
    Discusses FDA’s recent focus on modernizing its approach to e-commerce food safety regulation
  3. Food Navigator article: Should ecommerce retailers be responsible for providing nutritional labeling?
    Discusses complex regulatory landscape for e-commerce nutrition labeling, allergen statements, and marketing claims 

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