Health department inspection strategy and sanitary design for restaurant robotics brand

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Health department inspection strategy and sanitary design for restaurant robotics brand

Client: Fully Automated Self-Service Micro Cafe


The client created an automated robotic premium coffee experience which required third-party certification of its sanitary design and safety. The client needed assistance navigating the regulatory classification and appropriate agency oversight, assistance with health department inspection, and development of a sanitary design framework and verification study. 


Foodwit evaluated equipment, material specifications, and design renderings of the prototypes, and conducted an in-depth assessment of operational workflow and proposed maintenance instructions. We aligned with the team on objectives and timing for regulatory clearance, creating a pathway to regulatory review. Our team supported rapid design iterations through materials selection recommendations and practical experience operating cafe equipment. Finally, Foodwit developed and helped the team perform a sanitary verification exercise to collect data in anticipation of a third-party audit.


  • Foodwit developed a Food Safety & Quality Policy which covered Security & Tampering, Sanitation, Receiving, Storage, Temperature control, and Preparation & Handling. This policy was utilized to discuss the automated concept with the Health Department and strategize how the cafe would run, function, be cleaned and maintained. 
  • The company performed a sanitary verification utilizing the method developed by Foodwit. This method outlined cleaning and sanitation practices and strategies, swab locations and methodologies and equipment use instructions. 
  • Foodwit developed a regulatory package and talk track to prepare the client for engagement with Health Department officials. 


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