Matias Cortes

Partner & Head of International Regulatory

Home base: Los Angeles, CA

Matias has led global and regional regulatory and government affairs for FMCG for more than 15 years, from where he draws many lessons on the practicalities and intricacies of international compliance of food regulatory frameworks. Having experienced first hand the rapid changes in the interplay between food, culture and international trade, Matias approaches compliance with a dynamic mindset, also bearing in mind policy trends, brands’ expectations and reputation management.

With a zest for exploration and creativity, Matias is passionate about connecting ideas and solving problems.

In his spare time, Matias is inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit, individuality, self-expression, and human-powered sports in nature, such as surfing.

Resume highlights


Red Bull 

Global Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Regional Regulatory Affairs Manager for Asia and Latin America

BEAL / Energy Drinks Latin America Association

President and Executive Director

International full service law firms

Education & Credentials 

  • LL.M. (Masters in International Business Law)
  • JD (Legal)

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