Ingredient permissibility and labeling for vegan chicken brand

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Ingredient permissibility and labeling for vegan chicken brand

Client: Plant-based meat alternative CPG


An international vegan chicken brand needed support to assure FDA compliance as they prepared to introduce product to the US market.


An initial review was conducted and the client was provided with an overview of US requirements, ingredient standards, and labeling criteria. Foodwit worked with the brand, its design agency, and contract manufacturer on iterative formulations and label designs. Foodwit coordinated acquisition of product information including lab results, specifications and formulation information, and label data was analyzed and prepared for the design agency along with substantiation of desired claims.


  • The company’s U.S. launch was achieved
  • The company was able to focus on selling and growing the business, while Foodwit coordinated technical compliance with vendors.  


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U.S. Label Compliance

Service Contact

Matias Cortes (Partner / Head of International Regulatory)

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