Website review & claim substantiation for frozen meal brand

Website review & claim substantiation for frozen meal brand

Client: Food & Beverage CPG


The owner of a start up brand producing frozen ayurvedic meals reached out for a website review. The company was seeking to substantiate language that captured the functionality of the ingredients, and to assure the claims were truthful and compliant.


Packaging, web content, and marketing materials were reviewed for both technical accuracy and risk according to FDA rules.  Claims were classified according to FDA definitions, and stratified by risk. Foodwit offered alternative language solutions to help mitigate risk. A summary and presentation was provided outlining each type of claim permitted on food products, the type of information needed to substantiate such language, and the risk profile as it pertained to the proposed use. 


  • The company gained an understanding of the regulatory and claims landscape applicable to its portfolio.  
  • The company’s product packaging, website, and marketing copy was objectively and consistently assessed for risk with alternative options/ 


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Val Madamba (Principal, Regulatory Compliance & Affairs)

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