Retail Readiness for Powdered Drink Brand

Retail Readiness for Powdered Drink Brand

Client: Powdered Beverage Brand


A producer of powdered drink mixes, many containing novel ingredients, had just started conversations with a prominent national retailer. Faced with the retailer’s opaque and inconsistent position on product classification and ingredient permissibility, the brand came to us for help interpreting and applying these requirements and refining its strategy for collaborating with this potential partner.

Scope & Approach

Drawing from our deep experience in both conventional foods and dietary supplements, we briefed the brand on potential strategic pathways for both categories. To facilitate the retailer dialogue, we drafted talking points for meetings, prepared substantiation documentation, and accompanied the client in conversations with the retailer’s procurement and regulatory teams.


The client was able to present its position to the retailer with confidence, obtain a clear understanding of the retailer’s standards, and solidify its action plan for working productively with the retailer moving forward.

“Thanks so much! This is helpful, and we will definitely take this feedback into consideration.”

– Director of Product & Nutrition, Functional CPG Brand