Dietary Supplement vs. Conventional Food Readiness for B2B ingredient company

Dietary Supplement vs. Conventional Food Readiness for B2B ingredient company

Client Highlight: Encapsulated raw material ingredient supplier


An emerging B2B Company approached us to develop specifications and technical documents for its portfolio of raw materials for eventual sales into conventional food and dietary supplement industries. To enable this work, the Company needed an assessment of the regulatory landscape, how dietary supplement and conventional food manufacturing regulations compare and contrast, and a risk-stratified prioritization of compliance requirements for its new processing technology and diverse portfolio of more than 150 ingredients.

Scope & Approach

Foodwit summarized and distilled the baseline compliance obligations for safety, permissibility, and processing steps. We then stratified the ingredient portfolio based on classification of the ingredients, intended use, and risk. Finally, we developed a proposed specification tech pack for the Company to enable B2B sales.


The executive leadership was able to redirect its commercial strategy to focus on the path of least resistance. The sales team was enabled to close B2B transactions with the development of a bespoke set of technical documents.

“Huge help! It was a great session this week with the C-suite team. The team was really encouraged by the progress made.”

- Chief Commercial Officer, B2B Ingredient Supplier


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