Quality optimization in pasta manufacturing

Penne pasta

Quality optimization in pasta manufacturing

Client: Pasta Manufacturer


Pasta manufacturer needed support to validate and implement the use of a texture analyzer for objective quality control measurement in tandem with sensory evaluation.


Texture analyzer use was validated through careful experimental design and robust statistical analysis with an emphasis on time and material efficiency for this high throughput company.


Foodwit designed and coordinated implementation of a texture analysis protocol across all product SKUs. This project resulted in the adoption of uniform methods, drove the use of an underutilized machine at production, and removed subjectivity from the existing quality assessment protocol.

“Since discovering Foodwit, their team has been a constant and reliable partner. They've been instrumental in advancing so many facets of our business, advising on everything from quick regulatory guidance to creating customized quality processes. We feel at ease knowing we have their expertise in our back pocket.”

- Product Operations Manager, Plant-based, Gluten-Free CPG Brand


Food & Beverage CPG


Food Safety & Quality - Manufacturing Quality Control

Service Contact

Rob Grysen (Principal, Food Safety & Quality)

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